About my Blog

I am a PhD student and English instructor, and when I’m not hard at work on the dissertation that’s going to rock the universe with academic awesomeness or writing the most famous novel no one will ever read, I find myself here.

I drink coffee–copiously–like any serious graduate student. I’m anxiously awaiting the day when someone, probably a former graduate student, invents a 24-hour caffeine patch or some means of obtaining it via injection. I credit coffee with fueling some of my more inspired writing endeavors; when the coffee fails, I can usually silence my inner critic with vodka.

Blogging provides me with an excuse for–to paraphrase Anne Lamotte in her wonderfully whimsical “Shitty First Draft”–letting the children of my brain romp across the page in creative (or not-so-creative) ecstasy. The topics I blog about are fairly varied–whatever gets the proverbial juices flowing. It’s controlled chaos brought to you by the muses of my mind.

I also happen to be blind (you can’t tell me you saw that one coming), so posts will be occasionally sprinkled with anecdotes of my wanderings through the world in the dark, which I hope readers will find both entertaining and surprisingly illuminating.

I adore: fluffy pillows, peanut butter sandwiches, blackberry wine, BBC America, and Colin Firth films.
I despise: coconut (it tastes like toasted toenail-clippings), tardiness, commitment-phobics, people with attitude problems (including but not limited to myself, unfortunately), and Danielle Steel novels.

Fun factoids: I cannot snap my fingers, I hate raisins but adore oatmeal-raisin cookies, I am afraid of waxworks, and I will eat dishes containing mayonnaise only if I don’t have to prepare them because I’m grossed out by the texture of that particular condiment.



  1. Very cool! Definitely didn’t see “that one coming”! Have you always been blind? Not to ask a dumb question. Keep on writing…the world will read 🙂

    • poetprodigy7 said

      It’s not a dumb question at all. I was actually born with a congenital disorder that left me partially sighted as a child, and I lost the rest of it when I was about 13. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly because it was so gradual. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!

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