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Is this thing on?: of Resurrections and Relocations

I don’t honestly know whether or not anyone still has faith in me, or if my entire blogging readership has decided that I died in a Dalek attack, Doctor Who style.

Nonetheless, and because, like Sheldon Cooper of “The Big Bang Theory” fame, I don’t have so many readers that I can afford to insult them by pretending they don’t exist, it seems only fair to update you all on my life status. In short: after finishing my PhD and achieving world domination (which naturally kept me from the blogosphere), I have spent much of the past year hunting for academic jobs and endeavoring to launch a career in freelance work. Recently, I decided to resurrect my blog, but with a somewhat more professional look, because, well, I’m v busy and important now, and my Internet address should reflect the fact that I’ve moved up in the world. Maybe not Longbourn to Pemberley moving up in the world, but a modest step up.

for any of you still interested in following my work, feel free to head over to my new site and if enough of you care to know what I’ve been up to, in more detail, since my last post here, ask and ye shall receive, or something.

If you’re reading this, I owe you more than a thousand apologies for abandoning you, and a cookie for having enough faith not to unfollow me.


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