When Georgie Met Jimmy

Project Give Thanks day 12

I am sitting in my office, battling the beginnings of a killer migraine and waiting until 7:00, when I’m off to teach an evening class with 17 students who are far more interested in browsing Facebook than in actually learning something. Ah, the perils of teaching in a computer classroom. Curse multimedia and its attempts to highjack my students’ attention spans. Have I mentioned that this particular class has a collective attention span shorter than Kim Kardashian’s marriage? So they really don’t need more motivation to tune me out.

In spite of that, I am still smiling (or making a brave attempt at something that is a cross between a smile and a grimace) because while rocking out to my Michael Buble station on Pandora today, what should pop up, but “Blue Moon”. This song never fails to make me smile, mostly because it instantly reminds me of my favorite scene from “A Single Man”. As if I needed an excuse to wax rhapsodic over this award-worthy film, whatever the Academy might have thought to the contrary. (I’m over it. Honest. Water under the bridge). I really need to channel my frustrations into a more productive outlet; I didn’t intend for this to be a post about the ten reasons why the Academy annoys me. (Alright, so they redeemed themselves this past year with “the King’s Speech,” even though Geoffrey Rush got the shaft, but I digress). If I’m feeling snarky enough as the 2012 Oscar race draws to a close, I might turn my talents in that direction, but I think one of my new-year’s resolutions should be to eliminate snark from my life, so perhaps not.

In any case, thanks to blue Moon and British brilliance, this day hasn’t been a total waste of makeup.

Think about it!

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