Chillin’ With ma Boys at Baker Street!

Project Give Thanks Day 11

I usually have at least one moment every day when I lean back in my desk chair, clasp my hands above my head, stretch luxuriantly, and think to myself, “God, this is too much fun. They can’t be paying me for this.” On some days, I have to search for that moment, like rummaging in a pile of dirty laundry for one clean sock. ON other days, like today, it’s far easier.

As several of you know, I am currently co-authoring a chapter in a collection of essays, /Sherlock Holmes in the 21st Century/, scheduled for a late 2012 release. Working on this chapter involves, among other things, watching and re-watching Guy Ritchie’s 2009 film and series 1 of BBC’s “Sherlock”. Amid the flurry of end-of-semester insanity, I’m grateful that this project, as demanding and time-consuming as it is, has actually forced me to sit down and spend 90 minutes doing something I thoroughly enjoy. I love the fact that I can legitimately categorize my love of British television and my adoration of Benedict Cumberbatch as the sexy-but-sociopathic Sherlock and the adorably hobbity Martin Freeman as John Watson under the life heading of “professional development”.

I realize that I am probably shooting myself in the foot here and that this confession is only contributing to the numerous arguments that the Humanities are a “soft sell”. It’s a bit like the time during my first semester as a PhD student when I was working on a seminar paper on /Pride and Prejudice/, and one night when on holiday visiting the family, my dad found me feverishly taking notes on the infamous wet shirt scene in the BBC television adaptation while everyone else was in the living-room decorating the Christmas tree. I had to manufacture this expression of intense concentration, all the while feeling like a guilty kid with my hand caught in the cookie jar.

Ah well. There’s plenty of time for me to prove the value of my career choice to you all. For now, back to Baker Street I go!

Think about it!

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