Of Work, Words, and Yappy dogs

Project Give Thanks day 10

Alright, so I have missed three days of thankfulness blogging, and admittedly I have very little excuse. I offer in my defense only that I have spent a sizable portion of the past three days grading and commenting on student blogs, which has left my brain resembling over-cooked spaghetti. I don’t think I could have written a coherent sentence if my life depended on it. As passionate as I often am about sharing my life and my experiences in writing, the fact remains that when I earn my bread and cheese teaching others how to write, I sometimes feel hemmed in by words. As Eliza Doolittle put it, “Words! Words! Words! I’m so sick of words!” Having said all of that, I’m jumping back on the blogging bandwagon, though I don’t promise anything earth-shatteringly illuminating, exciting, entertaining, etc.

Today I am thankful that my syllabus for my spring course is completed; at least, I have something concrete to submit to the department. This is convenient, as the syllabus submission deadline is, oh, look, today. Go team me for ticking items off of my to-do list in a timely manner. Syllabus construction is the bane of my existence. Admittedly it gets easier over time the more you teach a certain subject, because you accumulate a library of resources. That said, the tedium of compiling the course schedule, checking and double-checking mandatory boilerplates, and generally working over the document with the proverbial fine-toothed comb is about as mentally stimulating as watching a documentary on the mating habits of fruit flies. (Of course, if you’re into that sort of thing, feel free to attempt to sell me on the interest level). More than likely what I submit today will change about three times before the start of the spring semester and another two or three times throughout, depending on the students’ needs and the general class dynamic, but it’s far easier to revise than to build from the ground up. In any case, it’s done, and thank heaven for that.

ON an entirely unrelated note, I am eternally grateful that my next-door neighbor with the yappy dog has decided to support our local search and rescue team and gotten lost. Either that, or she’s had said yappy dog’s vocal cords surgically removed. (I don’t usually condone such things, but in this case, I’d be more than happy to go halves with her on the bill). I hate to contradict Robert Frost, but good fences do make good neighbors, and good moving companies make even better ones.


  1. Neeks said

    I love that last bit, “and good moving companies make even better ones.” People who own dogs need to consider others whenever their pet will encounter them – be it outside with their barking, or when traveling. We have several family members with dogs and one who has cats. All will converge on our two houses next week for Thanksgiving. I have a male (not fixed) so the visitors with their females can’t stay here…nor can the one with cats…but everyone can’t stay next door at moms either, she already has a cat…
    I’m afraid the only thanks I’ll be giving is when they all go home. All I can say is someone’s carpet is going to get soiled, I’m just saying.

  2. On behalf of the friends of fornicating fruit flies, their mating practices are quite interesting to some of us.

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