Shop…in the Name of Love!

Project Give Thanks day 9

It seems selfish with the approaching holiday and the “season of giving” to be thankful for the all-American pastime of overconsumption, but every now and then, a little retail therapy never hurt anyone. Occasionally we earn the right to treat ourselves, and combining my day off with an American Express gift card and the bogo sale at Payless seemed like the perfect relaxation recipe. See? I didn’t throw away my own money; it was gift-money; birthday gift money, and if you consider that I had to make 28 trips around the sun to get it, I think that constitutes hard-earned cash. Besides, I have no resistance against bogo sales; I can just as easily defy the laws of physics.

IN my defense, I desperately needed shoes; the pair I was replacing had holes in them and weren’t suitable for anything more strenuous than a walk to the mailbox. Admittedly, I didn’t need the calf-high boots(insert luxuriant sigh as I turn my feet at different angles to admire the effect), but I made an executive decision to buy myself a belated birthday present that might also enhance my appeal on the dating market. By one pair of boots, get one boyfriend; only while supplies last. There’s a two-for-one deal I’d buy into, provided the boyfriend comes with a return policy.

For me, the secret to the perfect outfit is all about the shoes, and my collection ranges from the simply sensible to the sexy and sophisticated; from the functional to the fashionable; and then there are my “shit shoes”—ya know, the ones I slip on every morning when I walk the dog before leaving for work so I won’t get my neighbors’ yappy dog poo all over the only pair of designer heals I own. If I ever get married, there are only two things over which I’d divorce my husband: instant coffee and lack of closet space.

I’m less grateful for the retail therapy itself and more for the kindness of the people in my life who give me practical birthday gifts. For a poor graduate student teacher who just manages to avoid living on a diet of ramen noodles, such gifts have a value even greater than the boots currently sitting in my closet. Again, in my defense, northern Florida actually does get cold enough to render such footwear necessary in my wardrobe. Judge me not!

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  1. breezyk said

    I LOVE getting gift cards as gifts. Also, you’ve made me want to buy new boots very badly…. I sense a shopping trip coming on tomorrow 🙂

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