What is this? A Monday? Who put this here?

They say every day is a gift; if that’s true, then I’d like to return my Mondays, because all of them seem to be broken. If I can’t get a full refund, I’ll settle for an exchange; That day right there looks good…yeah, that one…up on the top shelf…the Friday with the margarita and the boyfriend. I’ll have that one, please.

Of course, if God operates anything like earthly retailers, that wouldn’t be considered an even exchange, and I’ll have to settle for something of equal or lesser value like a rainy Wednesday; you know the one I’m talking about; the one with the broken umbrella and the lunch you left on the kitchen counter and the work deadline you’re probably going to miss.

There is, however, one thing I love about Mondays; there’s only one in each week, thank God!

Do Mondays have any redeeming qualities for you? What do you do to keep your spirits up on Mondays?

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  1. Great metaphor! I am not a Monday person, either. I am also not a Morning person. Which explains why I’m not a Monday person, because I have to get up so darn early to teach. If I could just go in an hour later, I think I wouldn’t even request a refund – maybe just a gift card for a few extra Fridays a month.

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