The Tales of Zeus, Chapter 3: Zeus Almighty!

Project Give Thanks day 5

Greetings, humans. Zeus the magnificent yellow guidedog here again. Mom thought it would be appropriate for me to write a guest post in her daily challenge to write about one thing for which she’s thankful from now until Thanksgiving, since today, the thing she’s thankful for involves me. She wants me to tell you that she’s thankful for me every day, but truthfully I don’t think she really appreciates me; I’m still eating only twice a day.

Anywags, today Mom is thankful that I’m healthy. Some of you know that I’ve been having issues with an upset tummy for a while, and finally I seem to be doing better, but I have to say, this bland diet Mom says is good for my digestion is bloody awful. Mom is happy because I’m feeling better and my guidework is improving because I’m not feeling sick all the time, and I’m happy because not having an upset tummy means I don’t have to visit that evil place they call the vet. Mom says the vet is a doctor for dogs, and that this vet is helping make my tummy better, but it’s all a sham. Did you know that last time she tricked me into thinking we were going for ice-cream, and the next thing I knew, I was being seized and dragged into the torture chamber. I know I oughtn’t to have fallen for it, and I’m ashamed to give my fellow Labradors a bad name, but I won’t be duped a second time.

Mom is also happy because she doesn’t have to spend money at the vet; apparently the torture chamber has an entrance fee, as if watching me suffer weren’t enough for Mom to bear, but honestly, she’s the one who brings me there in the first place, so serves her right.

Finally, I’m thankful that Mom didn’t carry out her threat to dress me up in a Halloween costume. To whoever talked her out of it, my dignity as a dog has been preserved, and I am forever in your debt.

Licks and wags to everyone!

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