Get the Door, it’s Dog Food!

I ought to have posted this yesterday, but I shall make up for it today with a double-header.

Project Give Thanks day 3

Sometimes being a guidedog handler is like being a single parent, especially when you live alone. I rarely if ever complain about the feeding, the walking, the endless shedding and the amount of money that various vacuum-cleaner manufacturers have made off of me over the years, because I am more than sufficiently compensated for it with the unconditional love and loyalty I receive in return. Still, there are moments when I wish that someone could lighten the load; like when I’m curled into a fetal position with a migraine and stomach cramps, and being physically able to walk my dog seems about as possible as attempting to swim the English Channel, and let’s not talk about the hassle of maintaining a steady supply of dog food. Imagine having a Labrador who goes through a large bag of food roughly once a month—not so unusual. Now, imagine lugging a 30lb bag of kibble onto a bus…with one hand, because the other is straining to keep hold of a wiggling Labrador who’s experiencing an extreme conflict of interests: guide mom safely onto the bus and get massive praise and treats, or investigate the package from which the alluring aroma of chicken and rice is emanating. (Oh, and did I mention that I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my left hand, and guidedogs are trained to work on the left-hand side of the handler? Not that I’m attempting to inspire pity in my readers or anything).

Well, thanks to Petfood Direct, this ordeal is one that, praise the Lord, I do not have to face. One of the frustrations of being blind is accepting that sometimes we have to rely on others more than we’d like to. Experience has taught me that part of being independent is recognizing and admitting when it’s necessary to ask for help. That said, it’s often challenging to strike a balance between calling upon others when we’re in legitimate need and inconveniencing them, especially these days when life is so fast-paced that we live by the reminders on our cell phone calendars rather than the rhythm that life naturally wants to set for us. Petfood Direct has given me the peace of mind to know that I will never find myself scraping the bottom of the bin and ringing up a friend in panic because I need to make an emergency trip to the pet store. The amount of money I’m spending in shipping costs probably equals what I’d pay a friend to reimburse her for the cost of fuel. Not to mention, the autoship feature affords me the benefit of never having to worry about running low on food because I can schedule regular shipments of food to be delivered. Plus, I save 15 % on every order by taking advantage of autoship. This is a small thing compared to the endless whining and pitiful puppy looks I would be subject to if I allowed my dog to go hungry. Whether you’re a guidedog handler without easy access to a pet food supplier or a pressed-for-time pet owner, this is a service well worth considering.

Thank you, Petfood Direct!

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  1. This sounds like a brilliant advertisement for the aforementioned company.
    In their eyes, it would be a testimonial from one of their loyal clients.

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