Bring on the Books!

Project Give Thanks day 2: Today I am eternally grateful for the endless supply of patience some people have for troubleshooting technology issues, because when God created me, he’d obviously run out of patience pixie dust.

This morning was going about as smoothly as I’d have liked a Friday home from work to go, until my Booksense—my trusty little device for playing my audiobooks and music—seemed to decide it had had enough of life. If you’re unfamiliar, the Booksense is one of several digital talking book players on the market for the blind and visually-impaired; it’s roughly the size and weight of a cell phone, and the model I have can support a 32gb sd card (in addition to the 4gb of on-board memory). Hardly surprising given the fact that my livelihood depends on books—basically the largest virtual bookshelf I can carry around in my pocket is a bare minimum requirement for a blind person in my profession.

You can probably imagine the panic-induced state I was in as a result of this technological malfunction, but thanks to Twitter placing our friends at our fingertips and two frantic phone conversations with a god-saving tech support agent at Hims Inc, we managed to resurrect the dead Booksense—in less than 3 days too! Books are my crack; I’ve never actually had the courage to attempt a 24 hour stretch without them. As it is, I’m not thrilled about the fact that I’m going to have to send the unit in for repair eventually. As I’m trying to determine which roughly two-week stretch would be the best one during which to part with it, it’s occurred to me that I should probably find a decent rehabilitation program to check myself into first because I think I’d be safer away from society.

Think about it!

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