You’re Pretty Observant for a Blind Girl: Out of the Mouth of my Mother

Random observation #140584: my mother is nothing if not an endless source of amusement.

Not too long ago, she called me up to report the following:

Mom: “Listen, I just want you to know that in spite of not being sighted, you really do have good taste in men.”
Me: “OK, I suspect I know where this is leading, but why? What happened?”
Mom: “Well, there was this woman on the morning show, and…”
Me: “Which show?”
Mom: “I can’t remember.”
Me: “When were you watching this?”
Mom: “I can’t remember.” (For all I know, this could have happened ages ago; for two people who talk at least once a day, it amazes me how little we actually remember to tell each other, but I wouldn’t want anyone thinking my family has communication issues.)
Mom: “But anyway, there was this woman on the morning show, and…”
Me (interrupting): “And she was talking about Colin Firth, right?”
Mom: “Yes, they were actually talking about the most well-dressed celebrities and showing pictures, and I don’t remember who she picked for the women, but she picked Colin Firth for the men, and he was, I think, #1. So I just want you to know that…you have very good taste.”
Me: “Well, I’m glad you approve.”

If nothing else, I suppose I should appreciate the fact that my disability is a source of amusement rather than one of embarrassment to my family.


  1. my mom says things like this all the time, it’s hilarious/awkward

    • poetprodigy7 said

      It is; but it’s also why I love my mother, because she gets away with it 😉

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